3 Things Every Renovation Should Include

Renovations are my ultimate passion. I absolutely love seeing a transformation come to life. I love finding an outdated house or space and finding ways to revive it.

I was recently asked about my three favorite things to include in a renovation. That is a hard question to answer because I love it all. It’s hard to pick just three because when I go into a space my mind bursts with ways to improve it, not just the design quality but the functionality.

When I start a renovation project I typically start with the exterior. An exterior is the first impression, right? I love a gorgeous entrance. No renovation is complete without a beautiful front door. Depending on the house, updating the exterior may just be painting the door, or on larger projects replacing it. Either with wood or steel, but I always use glass panels to let the light in!

Speaking of light, I always like to use gas lanterns at the front entrance. I often get asked about my favorite exterior features. Gas lanterns are elements of design that can change the way a house feels from the street and as you enter the home. I think it’s magical and gives a home a special feel! I have yet to find a home that doesn’t look amazing with gas lanterns.
It creates a specialness that separates the house from most others on a street. Gas lanterns remind of the beautiful homes in Atlanta gracious and classic.

Interior paint is a game changer. It can truly transform a home. Removing that red dining room and the purple home theater/bonus room is always a good thing. Use your walls to soothe your surrounding not make a statement. Rarely do I like to walk in a home and notice the color of the walls.

These three things are some of my favorite things in a home. They are my go to changes for my new builds or my renovations !

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