Every House Should Have a Butler’s Pantry

Every House Should Have a Butler’s Pantry

I’m obsessed with dishes – all kinds of glasses and plates, especially white ones. I love having them out for everyone to see and enjoy. For this reason, I always look for a way to create a butler’s pantry to display these dishes when doing remodels.

Why everyone needs a butler’s pantry

Even if you don’t have “display dishes,” a butler’s pantry can still be a great addition to any home. I would even say it’s a necessity. You can use a butler’s pantry as extra kitchen storage to house your special platters or simply your everyday dishes. I find that putting your everyday dishes out on open shelves not only makes it easier for everyone to find, it also helps make cleanup easier as there’s no excuse for not knowing where a dish goes!

A butler’s pantry can also help take the pressure off the kitchen and overall traffic flow. You can use the butler’s pantry to extend your cooking and serving space or transform it into your bar or coffee area. Add an ice maker and a wine or beverage fridge and you’ll quickly become the perfect hostess! Even better, add an extra dishwasher to manage dish overflow from all the parties you’ll be hosting!

How to find space to create a butler’s pantry

Now that I’ve convinced you to add a butler’s pantry to your home, I know what you’re thinking! Stacy, there’s nowhere in my house where I could even add this space! Before you give up just yet, let’s get creative. I’m all about finding unused spaces for the butler’s pantry. Here are a few spaces I’ve reworked in order to create a butler’s pantry:

  • Back hall closets
  • Half baths
  • Under stair storage
  • Hall closets
  • Hallways
  • Laundry room (relocate this to a different part of the house – I love putting it in the master closet)
  • Small unused areas off the kitchen or even in the kitchen itself

With just a little imagination, you can have a beautiful, functional, and fun addition to your kitchen space.

Still need some help deciding where and how to create your butler’s pantry? I’d love to help! You can contact me for a consult here.