Find me the worst house on the best street. The house no one wants to buy or tackle. That’s just about always the house I want. Give me an empty lot and a dream, and I can create not just a house but a home.

Good design isn’t complicated. My aesthetic is simple and clean. Clutter equals chaos, and in my opinion, a home is a haven. Bringing calm and functionality are the hallmarks of my design philosophy.

I’ve lived, remodeled and built from scratch 13 houses in 13 years, so a serene interior is a must for my busy lifestyle.

I’ve collaborated with numerous clients to create homes that reflect the harmonious aesthetic that people crave. It’s a hectic world. You should always love to come home.

I have a few “favs,” if you will. I love white cabinets. I love marble counters and neutral interiors, white painted brick and gas lanterns, interiors and exteriors that quietly coax you inside and offer you a place to relax. I’d rather have a small space with incredible attention to detail than a huge home that lacks quality finishes.

Whether it’s new construction or renovation, I collaborate with my clients to ensure that their space radiates their personality and meets their lifestyle demands. I’ve had my realtor’s license for 15 years, experience that has taught me what a future buyer wants and how a homeowner can maximize their renovation investment.

I am a mother to three amazing girls and I’ve been married for 26 years to my husband, David. I love renovating and building homes—my family can attest to this because they are now expert movers. And I always love to come home.

Do you love where you live? If not, give me a call. It’s in your reach.