NEW BUILD PROJECT | If you have a parcel of land and a rough idea of what you’d like your future home to be, I can help you flesh that idea out into a beautiful home that suits you to a tee. New builds are always exciting adventures, and each one is a different as its owners. Part of my job as your new build coordinator is to understand what will make your new home fit your personality and your needs such that this new place will be what you love to call home. The success of a new build always rests on setting priorities and organizing goals. But the scary part of a new build is knowing everything that should be considered from the outset in terms of planning. Call me whatever you like. Your new build doula, your contractor, your advisor. I know the stages of home construction and I have a cache of resources for them all. My experience in seeing a project through from siting the construction to welcoming you home ensures that you will love where you live.