The Importance of the Front Door

Front doors are truly one of the most important features of a home. It’s the key accessory to ensuring your house has beautiful curb appeal. Just like your best outfit wouldn’t be complete without the perfect pair of shoes or earrings, your house isn’t complete without a gorgeous front door! Everything else about the front of your house could look great, but if you don’t get that door right, the rest really doesn’t matter. In today’s post, I’m sharing why a great front door is worth the investment and things to consider when choosing your front door.

Make the investment

A front door is one of the places I would spend money. Don’t cheap out – I promise it’s worth the investment. After all, it’s one of the first things that everyone sees, and it’s what you see as you enter your house every day.

Choose the right door and material

When deciding on your front door, first determine if you can add a double door or if you need to do a single. Next, what material do you want your door to be? For a timeless option, go with wood. My favorite wood for a front door is cypress, followed by white oak, and last mahogany. My latest door crush material, and one I just did on my current house, is a steel door. It’s different, slightly trendy, and edgy when paired with my traditional style. I love the way it looks and that it gives great light.

I want a glass pane front door but am worried about too much natural light

One concern I run into with my clients regarding these front doors is they are worried about the amount of light that the glass will let in. My advice? Don’t be afraid to choose a door with glass just add a rod on the inside and address the additional light with drapes! This creates a unique look and gives you the best of both options – privacy and natural light. In the end, I think you’ll love having the additional natural light!

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