New Construction

I love construction. I love house plans and seeing the excitement on a families face when they decide they are going to build. New construction has so many possibilities it just is so exciting to see what you can create from just a set of house plans. I added some photos of houses that show just how many things you have to select and decide upon. You have to have a reasonable budget or allowances from your builder. It might sound great in theory that a home can be built for one price but once your in the process and realize you want marble counter tops or tier 3 granite or a 30 year dimensional roof you have to make sure you have those items in your budget. There is nothing more disappointing than realizing one light fixture for your dining room is the whole lighting allowance your builder has given you. The process can be daunting and I think you have to be able to visualize what the house should look like once its completed or what you at least want it to look like. Then make your selections. It’s like a puzzle and making sure all the pieces fit. Happy Friday. Love where you live and if you don’t let’s build it!

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Building a new house…
So many choices of lights!
Questions to answer: Do I want sconces?
What sink, counter tops, faucets, flooring, appliances should I select? Should I do a farm sink? A double-sided undermount?
Will this light look good in the space? What color should the doors and windows be? Flooring? Paint color? Tile, carpet or hardwood or even brick pavers?
Do I buy custom vanities or stock cabinets, what about mirrors—are these things in my budget?
Does an outdoor fireplace add value? Will I use it?
White cabinets and marble are never trendy and are always in style, but are they in my allowances?
Are commercial appliances in my allowances? Which ones do I select? Do I need a commercial refrigerator? A wine fridge?
Do I need a bar sink and another faucet? Will I use one?
Custom Built ins? or will you use existing furniture? Lighting allowance? Do I want Lowes lighting or designer lighting? Does lighting make a difference?
Do I need a patio? If so how large?
What kind of windows should I select? What’s the difference? What color? Casement? Double Hung? Should I paint the brick? If so do I use latex paint or Boral Paint? What color for the roof, the trim the gutters?
What type of hardwood? White oak, Red oak, Pine? What color stain? Will that stain go with my paint color? My built ins?
What kind of faucets do I select? What finish? Polished nickel, brass, oil rubbed bronze, white gold, chrome?
Will my sweet Chick Fil A husband like it?
Do I do a trendy color on the island? Is doing trendy things okay? Will I get tired of it? What kind of backsplash should I use, what grout? Do I need a pot filler? Do I panel the refrigerator or do stainless?
How many fireplaces do I need? What kind—should they be masonry? Prefab, wood burning? Gas logs?
Will my children like the new house? What input do they get to provide?
Lighting choices??? Stair handrail—what type, kind, color? Custom iron or standard?

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